Tillage Equipment - AICRP on Farm Implements and Machinery

Power Tiller Operated Bench Terracer-cum-Leveller for Hilly Region

In hilly areas, the farming is practiced in terraces and sloppy lands. All the farm work is presently done by manual labour in hilly areas which enhances the cost of operation and drudgery of farm workers. To mechanize the bench terracing work, a power tiller operated bench terrace cum leveller of 1.0 m width was developed by CSKHPKV, Palampur. The overall dimensions of bench terracer are 540 x 1015 x 765 mm. The weight of the equipment is 28.60 kg. The field capacity of the terracer is 0.12 ha/h. The maximum volume of soil handled at a time by the terracer is 0.6 m3. The cost of the equipment is Rs. 10,000/- and cost of operation is Rs. 880/ha.

Tractor Mounted Pulverizing Roller Attachment to Tiller

Pulverizing roller is an attachment to commercially available cultivator. It pulverizes the soil and creates hardpan in the soil because of the impact of the blades on the soil. It consists of star wheels, central shaft, pulverizing members, mounting link and depth control tee. The pulverizing members are similar to lawn mower blades and are inserted in cast star wheels in such a way that it forms helical shape and progressively come in contact with soil. The roller is attached to the cultivator with the help of two mounting links. The savings in fuel and time with this machine are 20-35% and 20-30%, respectively. Additionally, it saves 20-30% water requirement for paddy fields due to better puddling. The cost of machine is Rs. 20,000/- and field capacity is 0.4 ha/h. There is a saving of Rs. 900/- per hectare in cost of operation over traditional method.