Backyard poultry enhance socio-economic status of tribal farmer

Shri Jarome Soreng, a retired Professor, has a total 5 acre of land out of which 2 acre is non-irrigated. He developed interest in integrated farming system mainly by including poultry in the cropping system. For acquiring information on the new subjects he approached Krishi Vigyan Kendra, East Singhbhum. There he participated in various training programmes like Integrated farming system, backyard poultry, pig based farming system and System of Rice intensification

He initiated Backyard poultry farming in two sheds each measuring about 200 sq ft each. His keen interest in backyard poultry came when he came to know about Jharsim (previously known as DBN) a dual type variety of chicken developed by ICAR- AICRP on Poultry Breeding, BAU, Ranchi by ICAR-Directorate of Poultry Research, Hyderabad . His interest was ignited when he visited Poultry unit of Ranchi Veterinary College, Birsa Agricultural University, Kanke, Ranchi . He started BYP with Jharsim , 100 birds in early 2014. Proper housing, feeding and disease management of birds led to early maturity (1.4kg body weight gain in 3 months) in birds, first egg lay (at 22 weeks of age). He could sell 28 cocks @ 400/ bird after 4 months of age. He managed to get about 5000 eggs from remaining 50 hens and sold each egg at the rate of Rs 7 per egg. Keeping BYP helped him in generating cost of daily expenses of his farm and utilization of farm labours judiciously. In March, 2015 he replaced the birds stock by selling each bird for Rs 250. Gross income through first batch of 100 birds fetched him Rs 60,000. 

Shri Jarome Soreng

Shri Soreng maintained birds on kitchen and farm waste and under timely vaccination and medications. He has set many examples for the farming community to how a farm can be made commercially feasible and economically viable and sustainable.

Nowadays, farmers from many places in Jharkhand get inspired and confidence after meeting with Shri J Soreng and seeing his farm. Many farmers purchase fertile eggs from his farm and set them to hatch using brooder hens.

For holistic lively-wood development,  Shri Soreng has proven that a farmer with dedication, hard work and keen interest can thrive well with Integrated farming in their small land holdings. He inspired and facilitated 12 farmers to start backyard poultry farming.

(Source: ICAR- AICRP on Poultry Breeding, Ranchi Center)