Farmers Prosper through Maize Technology Interventions

Farmers Prosper through Maize Technology InterventionsJompuijala Block is a part of hilly region of West Tripura district. People of this area are mostly scheduled tribe and mainly depend on agriculture for their livelihood. Mr. Umendra   Debbarma, 37, a farmer of Madhyaghaniamar village has three ha of land lacking irrigation facilities. He was growing kharif maize by using traditional system of cultivation without any scientific inputs. With the technological and critical input support of KVK, West Tripura in collaboration with ATMA, West Tripura, Mr. Debbarma got remarkable profits through scientific kharif maize cultivation.

Interventions of KVK, West Tripura

Farmers Prosper through Maize Technology InterventionsKVK, West Tripura is situated at Chebri near Khowai. During Farm School on Maize production technology under ATMA programme in the village by KVK Team, Mr. Rabicharan Debbarma came in contact with KVK scientists and posed his agricultural problems. After studying profile of his gield, KVK selected his field for demonstration programmes for harnessing Maize productivity during summer season of the year 2014-15. The seeds of a hybrid variety (Disha-3502) were supplied to the farmers by the KVK. Regular field visits were also made by the Subject Matter Specialists under the leadership of KVK Programme Coordinator.


Before KVK intervention, he earned only Rs. 0.24 lakh/ha with Benefit : Cost ratio around 1.28 by cultivating local low yielding maize under very subsistence management. After KVK interventions Mr. Umendra Debbarma got a yield of 4.5 t/ha. He earned a gross return of around Rs. 0.9 lakh/ha by selling his produce in local market with average price of Rs. 20.00/kg. He spent around Rs. 0.31 lakh/ha as total cost of production including land preparation, input cost, labour etc. So, his net return from maize cultivation with the adoption of KVK interventions was Rs. 0.59 lakh/ha and BC ratio for the same was around 2.9. He is now so happy with maize cultivation that he recently purchased a pump set by investing his income from Maize. Moreover, he is really acting as a motivator for several other farmers to adopt the scientific cultivation method provided by KVK not only for maize but for other crops also in the surrounding areas of Jompuijola.

(Source: KVK, West Tripura)