Prosperity through Technology Interventions

Panchmahal District is a part of Eastern Hilly Region of Gujarat. It consists of eleven talukas having common features like drought proneness and undulating topography with low fertile soil. People of the district mainly depend on agriculture.

Shri Rameshbhai Khunt (45), a 12th pass farmer, of Manipur village of Godhra Taluka, District Panchmahal has 20 acres land, in which 15 acres have irrigation facilities and remaining are under rain-fed condition. Earlier, he was growing different crops like Maize, Pigeon pea, Gram, Wheat, Chilli, Brinjal and others by using traditional system of cultivation like local varieties, no spacing, no seed treatment, flood irrigation etc. With the technological support of KVK, Panchmahal Shri Ramesh Bhai Khunt got significant achievements in agriculture.

Interventions of KVK  

Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Panchmahal is situated at Vejalpur near Godhra and working under the Central Institute for Arid Horticulture (CIAH), Bikaner. During a Participatory rural appraisal (PRA) survey in the village by KVK Team, Shri Ramesh Bhai came in contact with KVK scientists and posed his agricultural problems. KVK team studied the profile of his field and advised to participate in the vocational training programmes on production method of Pigeon pea, seed treatment with Rizhobium culture, integrated pest management (IPM), use of raised bed and scientific cultivation of Chilli.

On completion of the training courses, Shri Khunt’s field was selected for Front Line Demonstration (FLD) programmes under technology demonstration for harnessing pulse productivity of Pigeon pea and production of Chilli. Improved variety seeds of pigeon pea cv. Vaishali and seedlings of Chiili cv. GVC-111 were provided by KVK. Regular field visits were also made by the Subject Matter Specialists under the leadership of KVK Programme Coordinator. Field days and Kissan gosthis were also organized at his field.


On success of the crop production Shri Ramesh Bhai harvested green pod of peogen pea 115 qt./ha., while 127.2 qt./ha. Chilli. He earned Rs. 1,25,000/- from peogen pea and Rs. 1,01,760/- from chilli. The cost of cultivation of peogen pea and chilli in traditional system was Rs. 14,800/- and Rs. 26,700/- respectively. After intervention of KVK the cost of cultivation in peogen pea and chilli became Rs. 24,650/- and Rs 36,800 respectively from demonstration field adopted under FLD programmes.

Traditional system/ pre KVK intervention After KVK intervention
Cost of Cultivation (Rs.) Production
(q. /ha)
B:C ratio Cost of Cultivation (Rs.) Production
(q. /ha)
B:C ratio
Pigeon pea (green pod) 14,800 36.20 39,347 2.66 24,650 115 1,25,000 4.87
Chilli 26,700 65.40 52,320 1.95 36,800 127.2 1,01,760 2.76

Shri Ramesh Bhai earned about Rs. two lakhs in a short period by adoption of method given by KVK for cultivation of Pigeon Pea and Chilli. Recently, he purchased a mini tractor from income of Pigeon pea and Chilli. Now, he also motivates several farmers to adopt the scientific cultivation method provided by KVK.

(Source: NAIP Mass Media Project, DKMA, with inputs from consortium partner DMAPR, Anand)