Successful spread of Artificial Insemination in pig in Assam

The National Research Centre on Pig, Rani, Guwahati, Assam has developed technology for preservation of boar semen for extended period (up to 7 days at 15O C). This has been done to enable transport of semen from institute for Artificial Insemination (AI) at far away villages. The first successful delivery of a Ghungroo sow was recorded on May 16th 2012. This happened with the birth of 13 piglets in the house of Shri Bimala Prashad Basumatary at Goskata village in Kokrajhar district of Assam, located about 220 kms from the institute. This feat was accomplished in collaboration with the KVK, Gosaigaon under Assam Agricultural University. Earlier, the institute rendered AI services within the vicinity of 65 Km radius, producing 1448 piglets at farmers’ field. The highest litter size at birth of 19 piglets was observed under field conditions. It is expected that increased number of superior piglets born out of AI will increase the income of pig farmers by fetching higher prices. Presently, the crossbred pigs born out of AI fetch about Rs.1700.00 at 2 months of age as compared to Rs. 1200.00 for the pigs born out of natural mating. The crossbred piglets produced through AI are in great demand due to their better growth rate. Recently, the Assam State Institute of Rural Development has procured AI born piglets from the villages adopted by NRC-Pig for distribution among the farmers. The AI is becoming popular among the farmers and the technology developed by NRC on Pig can be transferred to the farmers’ field in collaboration with state veterinary departments, KVks and NGOs.

Artificial insemination of Pigs in Kokrajhar district of AssamA sow with piglets born out of artificial insemination in Kokrajhar district of Assam

(Source: NRC on pig, Guwahati)