ICAR Awardee Entrepreneur Invented Multipurpose Processing Unit

ICAR Awardee Entrepreneur Invented Multipurpose Processing UnitHis life has seen a real rag to riches story. 46-year-old Dharamvir Kamboj, away from his village Dhamla of Yamnanagar in Haryana, used to pull a rickshaw till year 1987 on streets of Delhi. Besides little education, his conviction and innovative mind today has made him a successful entrepreneur with global reach.

Life has come full circle for Dharamvir as he got success at his doorstep after roaming on streets of metro city to make few hundred bucks. Inventor of the portable multipurpose processing unit, he is now providing employment to three dozen women of his village at his aloe vera and amla processing plant.

The idea of inventing this machine came when he saw women in his village peeling herbals with their hands few years back. “They used to cuts their hands besides able to process very low quantity.” Narrating his story, he said that once he used to pull a rickshaw for making his living. “The development of the machine has changed my life completely. Combination of grinder, processor and juicer, it has 200 kg per hour processing capacity for herbal products,” he said, adding that besides selling more than 55 machines in India, he already exported few of the machines to Kenya, making machines footprints on global map.

Having only two acres of land at his native village, he started growing aloe vera and amla after the development of machine. “I am now producing juices, gel, sweets, shampo, face creams from Amla and Aloe vera and selling them in various parts of the country. The machine has made it possible to produce these products at large scale,” he added. “Besides, more than 35 women are directly employed in my business and many in and around my village have started growing Amla and Aloe vera. This has made them prosperous too,” he said.

Awarded by various organizations including ICAR with Farmer scientist award in year 2010 by honorable agriculture minister Shri Sharad Pawar, Dharamvir said that state horticulture department now provides subsidy on the machine developed by him, which is sold at price of Rs 1.35 lakh. His innovation received the fifth place at the National Competition of Grassroots Innovations and Traditional Knowledge organized by National Innovation Foundation in year 2009. Though, his condition could allow him to get quality education and study till 10th standard only, he has managed best of education for his children. Recently, he had displayed his machine at exhibition organized under NAIP Mass Media Project at Central Institute of Post Harvest Engineering and Technology, once again attracting attention of public and media.  “I am earning around Rs 2 lakh per month,” he said.

His story will continue to keep common man’s hope alive that determination and hard work can change their destiny and rags to riches story not only exist in proverb.  

(Source: NAIP Sub-Project on Mass Media Mobilization, DKMA with input from CIPHET, Ludhiana)