Future Outlook

In order to envisage desired growth in agriculture, horticulture sector has to play a key role with following focused research thrust areas.

  • Gene prospection and allele mining in fruits and vegetables grown under various environmental conditions.
  • Nutrient dynamics and interaction
  • Bioenergy and solid waste utilization.
  • Genomics of coconut, mango, banana and parwal.
  • Insect pollinators for improving productivity and quality of horticultural crops.
  • Development of varieties for cultivation in non-traditional areas.
  • Standardization of aeroponics and hydroponics techniques in fruits and vegetables production.
  • Studies on nutritive quality and nutraceutical traits in fruits and vegetables.
  • Post harvest and value addition in horticulture crops.
  • Modified atmosphere packaging for long storability and transportation of fruits and vegetables.