KISAN GANDHI – ICAR Republic Day Tableau 2019

Gandhiji had the vision to improve agriculture and livestock for the prosperity of rural communities. To gain more insight, he attended a training program on dairy farming for fifteen days in 1927 at Bangalore Centre of the ICAR - National Dairy Research Institute. He also visited and appreciated the'Indore method' of composting at the Institute of Plant Industry, Indore in 1935.

The Gandhian philosophy included promotion of Swadeshi breeds,organic agriculture and goat milk for better health. In order to realize Gandhi's dream, the Indian Council of Agricultural Research isrelentlessly working towards transforming the Indian Agriculture for ensuring livelihood security and higher income of our Annadata, the farmers. By developing and deploying the cutting edge science and technology, India has succeeded in achieving food self-sufficiency and remains the highest milk and cotton producer in the world.

The tableau depicts importance of dairy farming, use of indigenous breeds and livestock based organic agriculture for rural prosperity. In the front, Bapu is shown with goats and a cow. Organic agriculture, revolution in cotton and milk production and food safety analysis for better health are shown in the middle. In the rear part, Kasturba Gandhi is engaged with Charkha and care of animals at Bapu Kuti at Wardha Ashram.The tableau symbolizes livestock based sustainable and climate resilient agriculture.