The Draft Delegation of Powers in Indian Council of Agricultural Research for comments

Work allocation among its emploees

3rd Revised Edition (corrected upto 31th Dec 2006)



Section I
  1. Title
  2. Extent of Application
  3. Definitions and Clarifications
  4. Memorandum of Association of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research
  5. Powers of the Society
  6. Authorities of the Society.
  7. Powers Vested Under the Rules and Bye-laws and Those Delegated there under
Section II
  1. Powers of the President
  2. Delegation of Powers by the President
  3. Powers ofthe Vice-President
Section III
  1. Powers of the Governing Body
  2. Residuary Financial Powers
Section IV
  1. Powers of the Director-General
  2. Powers of the Deputy Directors-General and other Officers in the Council
  3. Powers of the Secretary
Section V
  1. Powers of the Chairman/Secretary of Agricultural Scientists' Recruitment Board
Section VI
  1. Powers of the Directors of the Institutes/National Research Centres/Laboratories/Project Directorates
  2. Powers of the Project Co-ordinators
  3. Powers of the Zonal Co-ordinators
  4. Powers of the Management Committees of the ICAR
  5. Power of J D'S of National Institutes
  6. Power of J.D'S of other Institute & Reg Heads
  7. Power of Principal Investigates
  8. Power of Head of Office
Section VII
  1. Creation of Posts
  2. Abolition of Posts
  3. Powers Vested Under the Bye-laws ofthe Council or Delegated there under
Section VIII
  1. General Limitations on Powers to Sanction Expenditure.
  2. Lapse of Sanctions.
  3. Date ofeffect of sanction
  4. General Restrictions on Appropriations and Re-appropriations.
  5. Exercising delegated powers in respect of Past cases
  6. Powers to sanction Excess Expenditure
  7. Head of Office
  8. Re-delegation of Powers
  9. Remission ofdisallowances by audit and write-off of over payment made to employees.
  10. Insurance of Council's property.
  11. Effect of Sanction.
  12. General Directions


Schedule I

Powers of the officer at HQ of the Council

Schedule IA

Powers & levels of final disposal and
channels of different type of cases at HQ of the Council

Schedule IA
  (Part II)

Level of disposal in the Finance Division

Annexures to Schedule I
Schedule II Powers to the chairman/secretary ASRB +Annexures
Schedule III

Powers to the Directors of field units + Annexures

Schedule IV

Powers of project co-ordinators + Annexures

Schedule V

Powers of Zonal Co-coordinators of ICAR

Schedule VI

Powers of Management committee of ICAR

Schedule VII

Powers of Joint Directors of National Institutes/Deemed Universities

Schedule VIII

Powers of Joint Directors/Heads of Regional stations/Regional centres of Institutes other than National Institutes, where the strength of scientists is not less than ten

Schedule IX Powers to the PCs/HODs/ Principal Investigators of the Ad-hoc Schemes
Schedule X Powers to the Heads of Office


Appendix I Instructions for regulating the enforcement of responsibility for losses etc.
Appendix II Items of work to be handled by internal financial advisors
Appendix III Economy in administrative and non plan expenditure
Appendix IV Enhancement in the Financial Powers of ministries/ department with
regard to expenditure on Non-Plan Schemes/projects
Appendix V Amended and up to dated Guidelines for execution works under the council (ICAR No. - 3(25)/2002-Ec Dated 26-11-2000)
Appendix VI Funds received from other sources- procedure for Accounting
Appendix VII Destruction of office records connected with Accounts.
Appendix VIII Extension of the benefits of rule 30 of the CCS (pension) Rules 1972 to the members of the ARS & Scientists under the council
Appendix IX Delegation under CCS (CCA) Rules
Appendix X Orders regarding schemes for organizing training programs, rendering consultancy
and contact research
Appendix XI Instructions regarding conferences, symposia, seminars etc
Appendix XII Grant of honorarium
Appendix XIII Giving gifts during tours of parliamentary committees.
Appendix XIV Status of ICAR and its registration
Appendix XV Appointment of security agency on job/service contract regarding
Appendix XVI Govt. of India orders regarding Financial powers of autonomous bodies funded by G.O.I.