List of recent circulars

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परिषद के अधीनस्थ संस्थानों आदि में राजभाषा हिन्दी के प्रयोग को बढ़ावा देने के लिय राजश्री टंडन राजभाषा पुरुस्कार योजना के संबंध Wed, 05/31/2017 - 15:24 Official language
Commuted Leave to a Government Servant who has opted out of CGRS facilities Wed, 05/31/2017 - 15:23 Coordination
राजभाषा आलोक 2014 Wed, 05/31/2017 - 15:22 Official language
Grant of Dearness Relief to Central Govt. pensioners who are in receipt of provisional pension or pension in the pre-revisescale Wed, 05/31/2017 - 15:22 Coordination
MACPS for tile Canteen employees working in Non-Statutory Departmental Canteens/Tiffin Rooms Wed, 05/31/2017 - 15:21 Coordination
राजभाषा संबंधी कार्यो के लिय हिन्दी पदो का सृजन तथा उनसे राजभाषा हिन्दी का कार्य कराने के संबध में Wed, 05/31/2017 - 15:21 Official language
Nodal Officers of the Centralized Public Grievances Redress and Monitoring System (CPGRAMS) Wed, 05/31/2017 - 15:20 Coordination
राजभाषा कार्यान्वयन तथा अनुपालना के संबध में Wed, 05/31/2017 - 15:19 Official language
Grant of Dearness Relief to Central Government pensioners/family pensioners - Revised rate effective from l.7.2011. Wed, 05/31/2017 - 15:19 Coordination
Revision of pension/family pension in respect of the pensioners who were in receipt of compulsory retirement pension Wed, 05/31/2017 - 15:18 Coordination