Virtual Workshop on “Training Management Information System (TMIS) for HRD Nodal Officers of ICAR” organized

8th May, 2020, New Delhi

The Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi organized a one-day Online Workshop on “Training Management Information System (TMIS) for HRD Nodal Officers of ICAR” today. The workshop was organized under the Chairmanship of Dr. A.K. Vyas, Assistant Director General (Human Resource Management) & Training Manager, ICAR.

Stressing on the various types of problems being faced worldwide due to the outbreak of the deadliest Coronavirus Disease-19 (COVID-19), Dr. A.K. Vyas, ADG (HRM), ICAR emphasized on the need for the submission of ATP Online by the ICAR-Institutes and Head Quarters for all the categories of employees. Dr. Vyas highlighted the main objective of the virtual workshop that aims to enable the officials to learn more about TMIS, clear their doubts and ensure its effective use and implementation.

Virtual Workshop on “Training Management Information System (TMIS) for HRD Nodal Officers of ICAR” organized Virtual Workshop on “Training Management Information System (TMIS) for HRD Nodal Officers of ICAR” organized

During the workshop, the officials were made aware about the TMIS Features and ATP Development through presentations and demonstrations along with discussion on TMIS and HRD Issues.

Dr. Sudeep Marwaha, Head, Division of Computer Applications, ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi discussed about the TMIS’s genesis in ICAR and its main features for heading ahead towards the “Green India and Clean India” Campaign, an initiative of the Hon’ble Prime Minister and making the whole process to be paperless.

The TMIS and HRD related issues of the Nodal Officers were also resolved during the workshop. The recommendations made for the effective implementation of TMIS and other HRD activities in ICAR were:

  • Mid-term review of the approved Annual Training Plan (ATP) submitted by the Institutes and Head Quarters.
  • To set aside atleast 2.5% of Salary Budget for training as per the ICAR’s HRM Policy. Or keeping at least 1.0% of the total Salary Budget under the HRD Head in the initial year with increment of 0.5% in the subsequent years in the EFC for 2020-25.
  • To restrict the training to only 15% of the employees of all the categories in the ATP during the special year due to crisis of COVID-19.
  • Give 1st preference to the employees who did not get any opportunity in last 6 years since 2014.
  • For prompt submission of ATP, the HRD Nodal Officer may ask the Reporting Officers to identify the employees of different categories and pursue the concerned employee to submit his / her training needs immediately.
  • Making available the comprehensive TMIS presentation to all the HRD Nodal Officers for familiarizing the other employees of the Institute.
  • The entry of training information in the TMIS for the training of SSS shall be taken care of by those Officials with whom they are attached.
  • To route the bills through HRD Nodal Officer prior to making the final payment towards TA / DA of the employees.
  • To utilize the HRD fund for training and capacity building and for organizing training programme of the ICAR employees.
  • Preferably, it is desirable to depute the employees in online training programmes / courses as few free online Courses have been circulated. The ICAR Institutes including ICAR-National Academy of Agricultural Research Management, Hyderabad and ICAR-IASRI, Delhi shall organize more such online training programme / courses.
  • Need to strictly follow the directives of the Central / State Government issued from time-to-time as well as the instructions of the Local Administration and ICAR.
  • All the HRD Nodal Officers may send suggestions within a week to effectively carry forward the HRD activities in ICAR in view of COVID-19 Pandemic.

The workshop organized by the HRM Unit, ICAR Head Quarters, New Delhi in coordination with ICAR-Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute, New Delhi was aimed at acquainting the HRD Nodal Officers about the TMIS’s proper functioning and its implementation in the Institutes / Head Quarters to submit the Annual Training Plan (ATP), Training Application, Training Feedback and Impact Assessment of Training Programmes attended.

The workshop registered a total participation by 152 Directors, HRD Nodal Officers, Co-Nodal Officers and other employees of 114 ICAR Institutes and Head Quarters.

(Source: HRM Division, ICAR, New Delhi)