Virtual 20th Annual Group Meeting of AICRP on Tuber Crops organized

10 - 12 June, 2020, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Virtual 20th Annual Group Meeting of AICRP on Tuber Crops organizedThe ICAR-Central Tuber Crops Research Institute, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala organized the “Virtual 20th Annual Group Meeting of All India Coordinated Research Project on Tuber Crops” from 10th to 12th June, 2020.

In his inaugural address, Dr. Anand Kumar Singh, Deputy Director General (Horticultural Science), ICAR stressed on giving the complete package to the farmers while expanding the area under the tuber crops. He urged for computing the cost efficiency for technologies developed. Dr. Singh also emphasized on up-scaling the available technologies for reducing the cost of planting materials.

Dr. T. Janakiram, ADG (Horticultural Science) highlighted the importance of the tropical tuber crops for food, nutrition, health and livelihood security of a considerable sector of Indian population. The development of the tuber crops-millet based value-added products in collaboration with the ICAR-Indian Institute of Millet Research, Hyderabad was opined by Dr. Janakiram during the Webinar.

Dr. P. Rethinam, Chairman, QRT, ICAR-CTCRI stressed on adopting and replicating the strategy followed for planting material production at the ICAR-AICRP on Tuber Crops, Dholi, Bihar and other places. Dr. Rethinam urged for estimating the National Annual Demand for planting materials and developing a road map accordingly.

Dr. V. Ravi, Director, ICAR-CTCRI stressed on giving attention to the sector as out of 138 million Indian land holders, 85% are marginal farmers or 18% are small scale farmers. He emphasized that the Tropical Tuber Crops are fit for the demand of these resource poor farmers vulnerable to climate change.

The Publication on Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for ICAR-AICRP on Tuber Crops and Mobile App - Data Collector for real time data collection of ICAR-AICRP on Tuber Crops Projects were released during the occasion.

The two Yam Bean varieties were recommended for release for the state of West Bengal and Bihar, respectively during the Plenary Session held on 11th June, 2020.

The ICAR-Central Inland Agriculture Research Institute, Port Blair was adjudged as the Best ICAR-AICRP on Tuber Crops Centre for 2019-20 for its various performances.

The scientists from around 21 ICAR-AICRP Centres and ICAR-CTCRI, Headquarters and Regional Centre, Bhubaneswar participated in the Webinar.

(Source: ICAR-Central Tuber Crops Research Institute, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala)