Training for Master Trainers on KVK-Sandesh mobile app

Training for Master Trainers on KVK-Sandesh mobile app 17th July, 2018, Jodhpur

One-day training programme for Master Trainers on KVK-Sandesh has been organised at ICAR-ATARI, Jodhpur with collaboration of Tata Consultancy Services at ICAR-ATARI, Jodhpur today. This being an ambitious programme of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India in which 15-20 farmers from all the villages of the country are to be digitally connected by 15th August, 2018.

Dr. S. K. Singh, Director, ICAR-ATARI, Jodhpur in his inaugural address mentioned about the importance of the project and farmers are to be connected digitally by which the farmers can access the technologies online and can query about the problems and get the reply from experts. This being the first of this kind of training in the country, KVKs are required to play in an efficient manner to collect, compile and report the farmers’ database in a phased manner and the application part of the project is to reach each and every farmer of the country, he urged. He also highlighted 3Cs of Social Communication (Conduct, Content and Caring) for two-way effective communication.

Sh. Nandan Rajput, expert from Tata Consultancy Services provided hands on training to KVK Nodal Officers (4 from Rajasthan, 2 from Haryana and 1 from Delhi) on downloading the KVK-Sandesh application on mobile, console operation of the programme, query related issues of the application.

(Source: ICAR-ATARI, Jodhpur)