Pregnancy diagnosis kit developed by NRCE

Pregmare – a serum based sandwich ELISA kit for pregnancy diagnosis (PD) in horse mares – is novel aid for use in equine production for early pregnancy diagnosis. This kit is a boon where pregnancy diagnostic services – per-rectum palpation or ultrasonography – are not available. This is an early pregnancy kit which can be used for pregnancy diagnosis between 35 to 120 days of gestation in mares covered by horse stallions. This kit detects concentration of PMSG or eCG hormone in serum, which is released after conception (after about 30 days of gestation) from the endometrial cups in pregnant mares. This ELISA test is rapid, sensitive, specific, reliable and animal friendly. It can be used both for pregnancy diagnosis and fetal viability in pregnant mares. Economically, it is very beneficial to the poor equine owners as cost per test is quite low as compared to ultrasound scanning fee. This kit has already been tested with more than 4500 serum samples and is in use for the last four years for pregnancy diagnosis. In view of the low cost and bivalent use, this kit is better than other commercial available kits. With one kit, 72 single serum samples can be tested.

This kit is quite beneficial to equine owners as it has an economic impact and viability. Usually for pregnancy diagnosis, equine breeders/owners rely on expertise of a veterinarian which is some time not accurate if the pregnancy is of less than 40 days. In this situation, the farmers may miss one reproductive cycle or thereof and may incur economic losses. As one healthy foal may attract a price of Rs. 20000 to 40000 depending of breed characteristics. Missing one or two reproductive cycle will certainly reduce the number of foal born per reproductive life of the mare which is directly related to economic loss to the owner and jeopardize the sole purpose of equine husbandry. This kit has good scope both in developing and developed countries.