Low Cost Storage Structure and Improved Storage Method Enhances Shelf Life of Garlic

The Garlic, being the second most important underground bulb crop after the onion grown in an irrigated condition is used as a spice or a condiment throughout the country and the world. The crop is an important foreign exchange earner for the country.

Low Cost Storage Structure and Improved Storage Method Enhances Shelf Life of Garlic  Low Cost Storage Structure and Improved Storage Method Enhances Shelf Life of Garlic

In Rajasthan, the crop is largely grown in Baran, Jhalawar, Kota, Bundi (Haroti region), Chittorgarh, Jodhpur and Pratapgarh districts, especially along the irrigated tracts. Haroti region is considered as the garlic bowl of Rajasthan, producing 90% of the crop. During the Year - 2018-19, Garlic has been cultivated on 1.32 lakh ha area in Rajasthan and with average productivity of 5.4 metric tonnes per ha 7.18 lakh metric tonnes production is estimated. Since two decades, it is grown in the soybean-garlic based cropping system. The production made in these areas has its fragrance familiarity in many gulf countries too. The Garlic forms principal ingredients in spicy foods especially, the non-vegetarian cuisines. The Spicy preparations based on meat, instant food, chips, papad, etc., draw heavily on garlic or its derivatives. Nowadays, the pastes, powder, flakes, garlic capsules are gaining popularity in the market.

Low Cost Thatched Roof Bamboo Garlic Storage Structure:

The Garlic is stored as a whole intact plant in a room and requires large space. The farmers of this region faced the problem of rotting and pumping of bulb stored in a room. Market price at the time of harvesting is low and storage of garlic bulb at the room temperature causes losses up to 43-50%. In Baran district, the loss of garlic during storage in room is found to be 34.5%.

However, under the RKVY Funded ‘Garlic Excellence Centre’ project, a low cost thatched roof bamboo garlic storage structure costing only Rs. 1.0 lakh was developed at the Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Anta, Baran. The structure made from the bamboo sticks with cemented floor measures 15’ (w) X 30’ (l) X 12’ (h) in size with the capacity of storing 10 tonnes of garlic. The structure was inaugurated by the Minister of Agriculture, Government of Rajasthan on 4th March, 2017. This storage structure has become one of the model units for the garlic growers in the local area. The storage was used for storing the produce (bulbs to be used as seeds) of the nearby farmers with the minimal charges @ Rs. 50 per bag of 40kg and earned Rs. 20,000 within six months.

Standardization of garlic heap in storage:  

Low Cost Storage Structure and Improved Storage Method Enhances Shelf Life of GarlicGarlic is stored in storage as whole plant and requires ventilation to prolong shelf life. The height of the garlic heap is an important factor affecting the shelf life of garlic bulb. The storage of whole garlic plants up to 3 feet height was found most suitable for decreasing the rotting (3.40%) and weight losses of bulb (4.04%) in low cost garlic storage structure due to the proper ventilation enabling the circulation of fresh air. The highest weight loss (22.24%) has been found in the farmer storage practices. The partition of garlic heaps up to 3.0 feet height is the most effective method of storage in the storage structure for the longer shelf life of garlic.

Effect of height of heap of garlic plants on bulb rotting and weight loss during storage in low cost storage structure:


Garlic heap height (Feet) Bulb rotted(%) Weight of whole plants
Weight of whole plants after 200 DAS*
Weight loss
Farmers practice (7-8) 34.5 33.45 26.01 22.24
3 3.4 41.57 39.89 4.04
4 5.3 38.21 35.76 6.41
5 7.2 36.34 31.21 14.12


*Days after storage


  • The low cost model structure of KVK, Anta, Baran has empowered 25 farmers through the skill development in the district for constructing their own low cost storage structures and one of the village - Madana kheri has been declared as a garlic storage village in the area.
  • The low cost storage structure facility will help in checking the supply volatility and steep rise in garlic price in the long run.

(Source: KVK Anta-Baran, Rajasthan 325 202 and ICAR-Agricultural Technology Application Research Institute, Zone-II, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342 005)