ICAR Institutes celebrate World Soil Day - 2018

To promote the importance of soil as one of the major and critical components of the natural system and its pivotal role in maintaining and assuring the well-being of the human lives on the earth, the United Nations adopted a resolution to observe 5th December every year as the World Soil Day all around the globe.

Observing the occasion, a number of different types of awareness programmes, workshops, lectures, plays, debates and various other events are organized around the globe to make people aware about the importance of soil in our lives.

In continuation with World Soil Day, the various Institutes of ICAR pan-India organized World Soil Day on the theme “Be the solution to soil pollution” on 5th December - 2018 with full zeal and fervor.


ICAR-Indian Institute of Soil Science, Bhopal

The ICAR­­-Indian Institute of Soil Science celebrated the World Soil Day today at its campus in Bhopal.

Dr. N.N. Goswami, Former Dean, (Indian Agricultural Research Institute) & Ex-Vice Chancellor (CSAUAT), Kanpur highlighted on importance of healthy soils for human beings and emphasized on application of nutrients in an integrated and balanced quantities. He also urged farmers for applying Farm Yard Manure (FYM) to sustain soil health.

Prof. D.K. Das Ex-Head, Division of Agricultural Physics, IARI, New Delhi emphasized on the physical health of soil that is helpful to increase farmer’s income and make soil erosion-proof. He also stressed up on adopting various resource conservation technologies for sustainable production and doubling farmers’ income.

Dr. A. Subba Rao, Ex-Director (Indian Institute of Soil Science) highlighted the role of organic matter and bio-fertilizer to improve soil health. He also urged farmers to be vigilant to avoid use of sewage water and municipal solid waste that can contaminate the soil.

Earlier, Dr. Ashok K. Patra, in his welcome address indicated the available technologies at the Institute for better management of soil health and explained various activities to address the emerging issues of soil pollution and their management

A Farmers-Scientists Interaction Session on “Efficient management of fertilizers for improving soil health and environment” was also held during the occasion which discussed various challenges being faced by the farmers.

The farmers also pledged on the occasion to take all the steps and measures towards not to burn the crop residues on their field.  

The event was jointly organized by the Institute and Bhopal Chapter of Indian Society of Soil Science (ISSS).

The event registered the participation by a total of 200 farmers along with Officials from Government of Madhya Pradesh and State of Bank of India.


ICAR-Indian Institute of Soil and Water Conservation, Dehradun

Shri Subodh Uniyal, Cabinet Minister for Agriculture, Marketing, Processing, Education, Horticulture and Silk Development, Government of Uttarakhand inaugurated the celebrations of World Soil Day organized by ICAR-Indian Institute of Soil and Water Conservation, Dehradun today.

ICAR Institutes celebrate World Soil Day - 2018ICAR Institutes celebrate World Soil Day - 2018

In his inaugural address, Shri Subodh Uniyal emphasized on importance of soil and water conservation in our lives. Quoting the example of use of drip irrigation technology by Israel, Shri Uniyal urged to adopt such measures that can help to minimize the use of water and prevent soil pollution. He also discussed about the various schemes being carried out by the State and Central Government for the benefit of farmers.

Shri Harbans Kapoor, MLA, Dehradun Cantonment, Uttarakhand and Shri Gauri Shankar, Director Agriculture, Dehradun, Uttarakhand graced the occasion as the Guests of Honor.

Shri Gauri Shankar, Director Agriculture, Dehradun, Uttarakhand emphasized on necessary steps to be taken in soil testing and urged adopting prompt actions to deal the problems of different nutrient deficiencies in hilly areas.

Dr. P.R. Ojasvi, I/C, Director, ICAR-IISWC briefed about the Institute’s efforts for soil and water conservation and its relationship with farmers.

During the occasion, fifty farmers from Sahaspur Block, Dehradun, Uttarakhand were distributed the Soil Health Cards by the State Department of Agriculture, Uttarakhand under the guidance of Shri Vijay Deorari, Chief Agriculture Officer, Uttarakhand.

The event was participated by around 40 Scientists of ICAR-IISWC, Officers from State Agriculture Department, Uttarakhand, 114 students from Baba Farid Institute of Technology and IITM Agro Eco and 53 farmers from Sahaspur Block, Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

ICAR-Indian Institute of Oilseeds Research, Hyderabad

Dr. A. Padma Raju, Guest of Honor, Former Vice-Chancellor, ANGRAU urged the farmers to use SSP and gypsum in groundnut crop due to its benefits of providing better pod formation and increased oil content besides improving the physical characteristics of soil.

ICAR-Indian Institute of Oilseeds Research, Hyderabad

.Dr. A. Vishnuvardhan Reddy, Director, IIOR urged the farmers for bestowing attention on balanced fertilization and use organic amendments to enrich the soil’s physical characteristics. He opined that this would long term benefits in sustenance of the health of soil.

The programme also included the farmers-scientists interaction to discuss on various aspects of managing soil during the visits to oilseeds demonstration plots at IIOR Research farms. During this, various measures were also discussed to increase farmer’s income

On the occasion, 36 soil health cards were distributed to the farmers.

The programme was attended by around 50 Farmers from the MGMG and Farmers FIRST programme villages from Telangana State to make the people aware about the various steps that can help to maintain good soil health.

(Source: Respective Institutes of ICAR)