ICAR-Bioversity International Work Plan Signed

9th November, 2018; New Delhi

The Work Plan (2017-2021) between ICAR and Bioversity International was signed today by the Dr. Trilochan Mohapatra, Secretary, DARE and DG, ICAR and Ms. Ann Tutwiler, DG, Bioversity International at New Delhi in  a formal ceremony. 

Dr. Mohapatra articulated the research collaboration with Biodiversity International and flagged the issues of agrobiodiversity for food and nutrition and trait discovery for climate resilience as the key to sustain agricultural productivity. He appreciated the internal measures in the CG Institutes for international scientific audits, monitoring and evaluation of projects, management of change and also investment in the capacity building.  DG, ICAR also underlined the role of KVKs in the agrobiodiversity evaluation.


Ms. Ann Tutwiler shared her experiences with regard to agrobiodiversity indices, particularly in the context of diversification of production system. She cited the success stories of Bioversity International in countries such as Sri Lanka, Brazil, Kenya, Zambia and Vietnam. In particular, Dr. Tutwiler emphasized on the establishment of community seed bank development, more investment on under-researched food crops, identification of nutritional traits in food crops and in provisioning of guaranteed markets for farmers. DG, Bioversity International (BI) also gave an account of the synergy between BI and CIAT in the areas of biofortification, land management and data sharing through complementary approaches.

During the signing ceremony, a rice-germplasm collection consisting of samples of 51 landraces was also handed over to DG, ICAR by the DG, BI for deposition with the NBPGR, New Delhi.

The deliberations were joined by Dr. A.K. Singh (DDG, Extension), Dr. A.K. Singh (DDG, Horticulture), Dr. N.S. Rathore (DDG, Education), Dr. J.K. Jena (DDG, Fisheries), Dr. P.K. Chakravarty (ADG, Crop Science), Dr. S.K. Chaudhari (ADG, NRM), Dr. S.P. Kimothi (ADG, Coordination), Dr. A. Arunachalam (ADG, International Relations), Mr. Rajan Agarwal (Director, DARE), Mr. Sengupta (Deputy Secretary, DARE) and J. Misra (Under Secretary, DARE) from the ICAR side.

 Dr. N.K. Krishna Kumar, Country Director, BI and Dr. J.C. Rana (NPC, UNDP-GEF Project) along with other colleagues of BI-India Office joined the meeting.

(Source: International Relations, ICAR)