Harvest Field Day Organized by KVKs of Punjab

19th April, 2018, Ludhiana

Residue management has emerged as a challenge to the sustainability of the contemporary agriculture in the northern states. Convincing farmers through result demonstrations and farmer-to-farmer cross-learning is an effective pathway towards mass scale adoption of residue management technologies. Dr. T. Mohapatra, Secretary DARE & DG, ICAR has also urged, during the stakeholders’ workshop on crop residue management, to expose farmers to the demonstrations sites for confidence building on the technology. Thus, Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVKs) of Punjab organized Harvest Field Day at the demonstration sites of wheat sown with Happy Seeder to educate and convince farmers about the multi-benefits of combo technology of Super Straw Management System (Super-SMS) and Happy Seeder.

 Harvest Field Day Organized by KVKs of Punjab    Harvest Field Day Organized by KVKs of Punjab

Team of scientists of KVK Ludhiana along with farmers travelled across Ghulal, Powat, Dawala and Gosala villages to allow farmers to see the results of sowing wheat with happy seeder and discuss among them what they learned. Results of demonstrations and open minded sharing of experiences have built confidence among farmers to adopt the recommended technologies. Farmers expressed their utter satisfaction with the bumper crop of wheat sown with this innovation.

Similarly; KVKs Ropar organized Harvest Day at Mahlan village in which farmers from Mahlan, Bhaini, Chaunta, Bhaowal and Jhallian villages participated. Participants discussed various issues of in-situ residue management and shared experiences with use of Super-SMS and Happy Seeder. Literature on residue management was also distributed to the participants.

In Faridkot, KVKs organized harvest day in Pindi Blochan village where farmers have already stopped residue burning. Apart from sharing experiences with happy seeder sown wheat, farmers were motivated to utilize ICT platforms to keep in touch with the KVK and agricultural university for latest farming technologies.

Likewise; all KVKs of Punjab organized Harvest Field Days in different villages as a part of Campaign against crop residue burning to mobilize as many farmers as possible to adopt the combo technology. More than 10,000 farmers were mobilized through Harvest Field Day and such activities across the state.

(Source: Agricultural Technology Application Research Institute, Ludhiana, Punjab)