Governor of Odisha inaugurates TSP National Workshop at ICAR-CIFA

18th February 2019, Bhubaneswar

The ICAR-Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture, Bhubaneswar under the Tribal Sub Plan Scheme of Government of India, organized the “National Workshop on Aquaculture as a Livelihood Option for Tribal Farmers of India” at its campus at Kausalyaganga from 18th to 19th February - 2019.

Governor of Odisha inaugurates TSP National Workshop at ICAR-CIFA  Governor of Odisha inaugurates TSP National Workshop at ICAR-CIFA

Prof. Ganeshi Lal, Governor of Odisha, inaugurated the National Workshop and Exhibition of ICAR Institutes at Kausalyaganga. He stressed on adopting the strategy to bring the tribes and other down trodden people into the mainstream in order to make India empowered and prosperous. He also released the two publications namely Book on “Aquaculture as a tool for empowering SC/ST farmers of India: three decades of ICAR-CIFA’s contribution” and E-publication “Souvenir and Extended Abstracts” during the occasion.

Dr. J.K. Jena, Deputy Director General (Fisheries & Animal Science), ICAR, New Delhi underlined the ICAR’s role for developing the strategies, schemes and policies for the agricultural development of agriculture including aquaculture for livelihood improvement and nutritional security of tribal population of the country. He thanked the institute for contributing for aquaculture development in the tribal areas of India since 1992. Dr. Jena also encouraged the tribal farmers for taking up the fish culture in their areas as a profitable venture.

Earlier, Dr. (Mrs.) Bindu R. Pillai, Director, ICAR-CIFA welcomed His Excellency the Governor of Odisha and other dignitaries, delegates, farmers, press and media. She briefed about the ICAR-CIFA’s role for the freshwater aquaculture development in different regions of the country.

Dr. B.C. Mohapatra, Principal Scientist and Chairman, Tribal Sub Plan Programme of ICAR-CIFA underlined the institute’s contributions for last three decades in quality seed production, fish culture development and training to tribal farmers.

Shri P.K. Senapati, IAS, Director, Department of Fisheries, Government of Odisha appreciated the ICAR-CIFA’s role in expanding the freshwater aquaculture technologies to the selected stake holders around the country. He also urged for having to the linkage among the State Fisheries and ICAR-CIFA for information sharing in freshwater aquaculture and more collaboration in future.

The occasion marked the participation by around 200 participants from 15 states.

(Source: ICAR-Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture, Bhubaneswar)