DSH-185 : New CGMS-based Safflower Hybrid

DSH-185 is the first public sector CGMS-based safflower hybrid developed at ICAR-Indian Institute of Oilseeds Research. It has been released and notified for all India cultivation. DSH-185 is a cross between A-133 (CGMS line) x 1705-p22 (a restorer line). Wild species, Carthamus oxyacantha is the source of cytoplasmic genetic male sterility in A-133.

On an average, DSH-185 gives the seed yield of 14.3 q/ha under rainfed, 21 q/ha under irrigated conditions and 17.4 q/ha at national level. It gives the oil yield of 4.12 q/ha under rainfed, 5.7 q/ha under irrigated conditions and 4.89 q/ha at national level. On an average, DSH-185 exhibits 25-30% superiority in seed yield over the best check varieties, A1 and PNBS-12 and 15.2% superiority over the GMS-based national hybrid check, NARI-H-15. It has 28-29% oil content and recorded 25-28% superiority in oil yield over A1, PNBS-12 across test locations.

The potential of DSH-185 vs. variety has been demonstrated in farmers’ fields under dry and irrigated conditions in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana and Chhattisgarh States. DSH-185 recorded on an average, 17 q/ha seed yield under dry conditions in Chhattisgarh as against 5 q/ha seed yield of check variety, A1. In Maharashtra, it gave 21 q/ha against 16 q/ha yield of variety, A1 under irrigated conditions while in Telangana, DSH-185 gave 10-14 q/ha against 4-5 q/ha of state variety, Manjira under dry conditions. It is resistant to Fusarium wilt which is the major disease of safflower.

Demonstration of DSH-185 vs. A1 in farmer’s fields in Maharashtra DSH-185 seed production (4:1 row ratio of A-line and male parent) under isolation Training in seed production of DSH-185 hybrid seed

 Seed production technology of DSH-185 and A and B lines has been perfected. Training programmes for DSH-185 seed production have been taken up at ICAR-IIOR.

(Source: ICAR-Indian Institute of Oilseeds Research, Hyderabad)