CAU-Regional Agri-Fair 2017-18 inaugurates

Agartala, 6 November 2017.

Shri Sankar Prasad Data (an MP, Lok Sabha) inaugurated a three- day long ‘CAU-Regional Agri- Fair 2017-18’ on the theme ‘Integrated Farming for Doubling of Farm Income’ at College of Fisheries, Agartala. Shri Datta emphasized the country’s potential in terms of its resources and pointed the need for mending the gap between indigenous knowledge with the modern technological tools. Sheri Data also mentioned the issues related to minimum support price of the farm produce leading to suicide by the farmers in many states. To commemorate the occasion, fish seed and feed were also distributed to selected farmers. Earlier, the chief guest inaugurated the PG Girls’ hostel of the college and also the exhibition stalls during the fair. Various organizations showcased farmer friendly technologies, success stories, innovative ideas and products in 50 exhibition stalls. Various eye attracting shows which include vegetable show, fruit show, dog show, healthy baby show, apart from technological showcase are exhibited during the fair.

CAU-Regional Agri-Fair 2017-18 inaugurates  CAU-Regional Agri-Fair 2017-18 inaugurates

Padma Bushan, Shri R.B. Singh (Chancellor, CAU, and Imphal) put forth the visionary idea of New India. Shri Singh reminded the gathering of the pledge taken during Sanklap Se Siddhi, which will come to reality only through understanding and adopting every words of it. He also mentioned the recommendations made to the government on minimum price of agriculture produce and its adoption. He congratulated the effort of the College of Fisheries on its technological contribution towards artificial breeding of pabda (Ompok bimaculatus), Pengba (Osteobrama belangeri) and utilization of non-conventional feed resources like Wolffia arrhiza duckweed).  Integrated farming system can only bestow food security in the country. He highlighted the various technological advances the country has made in the field of molecular biology, biotechnology etc. and pointed the need to apply these tools in agriculture. He urged the farmers to be aware of the several schemes the government has launched and take advantage of the same. He felt optimistic of the interlinked benefits that will come through doubling of farm income. He also pointed the need for establishing climate smart village and cluster with an aim of increased productivity, resilience and mitigation strategies without disturbing the bio-diversity. 

Earlier, Prof. M. Premjit Singh (Vice Chancellor, CAU, Imphal) pointed that the north-east region with due acidic soil, irrigation problems and small land holding can rely much on integrated farming system to sustain the sector in long term and cited examples of the successful entrepreneurs. Prof. Singh also mentioned that improvised technology on rain water harvesting, efficient use of water through micro-irrigation, production of quality seeds, planting materials through participatory mode, establishing proper marketing channel etc.,  organic farming, post harvest value addition can bring a paradigm shift in improving farm income. He pointed his view that the second green revolution can come from the NE region if the technologies are wisely adopted by the farmers.

(Courtesy: English Editorial Unit, ICAR-DKMA)