Available Technologies & Products - National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources

  • 84,200 cryo-preserved semen doses from 228 bulls belonging to twenty nine breeds of seven livestock species (cattle, buffalo, Sheep, Goat, Yak, Mithun and horse) are preserved in National Genebank of NBAGR.
  • 50 random samples of 15 breeds of poultry, 25 breds/populations of goat, 6 breeds of cattle and 4 breeds of sheep are preserved in DNA bank of NBAGR.
  • Descriptors of 80 breeds (10 buffalo, 26 cattle, 13 goat and 14 sheep, 4 horse and 13 chicken breeds) in Indian Journal of Animal Sciences.
  • Guidelines, descriptors and application form for registration of new breeds prepared and are being distributed to potential stakeholders for registration of new populations as breeds.;
  • Guidelines and procedure for registration of varieties/strains/lines of chicken finalized
  • Information System on Animal Genetic Resources of India: NBAGR has developed an Information System on Animal Genetic Resources of India (AGRI-IS 2.0).. CD Version of AGRI-IS 2.0 has also been developed using MS-Access which is being supplied on demand.