Available Technologies & Products - Central Avian Research Institute

Value Added Egg Products

  • Pickled eggs: A simple, cost-effective and efficient technology developed for pickling of quail eggs/ chicken eggs for storage and marketing at ambient temperature in ready-to-eat form.
  • Albumen Rings: Albumen rings are egg snack food, prepared by cooking blended egg albumen in ring molds and battering and breading the coagulated albumen prior to deep fat frying
  • Egg crepe: Egg crepe is a thin, fat, circular product and may be filled with meat or vegetables and rolled or folded.
  • Salted Chicken Eggs: Preparation of salted chicken eggs technology is so simple to be used by unskilled, uneducated people including housewives.
  • Egg Roll: It is a nutritious, tasty and convenience egg product suitable for meals or as snack foods.

Value Added Meat Products

  • Marinated chicken breast fillets: A value-added poultry product prepared from tumbling marination of broiler pectoral muscle followed by oven roasting to obtain ready-to-eat product.
  • Chicken Nugget: This is a value-added chicken product prepared by utilizing the tough meat of culled layers / discontinued breeder stock.
  • Chicken Gizzard Pickle: Vinegar based chicken gizzard pickle is a protein rich, consumer friendly low cost chicken product.
  • Intermediate moisture chicken meat: A shelf-stable convenience poultry meat product developed from diced chicken meat and soaking in infusion solution containing humectants followed by mild thermal treatment for storage and marketing at ambient temperature.

Technology optimized for the preparation of the following value products along with their shelf life evaluation :

  • Albumen Rings
  • Egg Crepe
  • Egg Waffles
  • Salted chicken eggs
  • Quail egg pickle
  • Chicken gizzard pickle
  • Cooked chicken stock
  • Mixed chicken meat loaf
  • Cooked chicken roll
  • Intermediate Moisture Chicken
  • Chicken Chunkalona
  • Pet Biscuits