Agricultural Engineering

The division is mandated to plan, coordinate, and monitor R&D programmes and serve as an information repository in Agricultural Engineering. It is dedicated to research, development and demonstration of technologies that advances the mechanization of production and post-production activities in agriculture. By utilizing conventional and non-conventional energy sources, as well as focusing on irrigation and drainage mechanization; and post-harvest and value addition of agricultural products and byproducts. It has six institutes, two regional stations, one Ginning Training Centre, six AICRPs, two AINPs and four CRPs under its jurisdiction.


To transform Indian agriculture into a sustainable, profitable and competitive enterprise by implementing engineering interventions as farm mechanization, value addition and energy management throughout production and post-harvest operations.


To develop and introduce region-specific engineering technologies that cater to the specific needs of different farming systems to achieve sustainable and enhanced productivity, as well as profitability in agriculture.


To plan, coordinate, and monitor R&D programs in Agricultural Engineering and serve as an invaluable information repository in this field.